Application Procedures and Guidelines

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications.

An organization may call PCLB’s offices at any time to discuss the possibility of applying for funds. Prior to calling, please review the information describing the goals and strategies of grant portfolios on this website to ensure your conversation with PCLB staff is worthwhile. Calls will be directed to program staff with expertise in the related grant portfolio.

Internal policies further guide funding decisions:

  • PCLB awards grants for both general operating and project support, with a strong preference to support the general operations of the highest performing organization involved with the issues of greatest interest to PCLB. Other types of requests may be considered after discussions with PCLB staff.
  • Awards are made only to non-profit charitable organizations that are tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or to public governmental agencies.
  • PCLB does not make grants for ticketed events or to individuals.
  • For organizations and projects closely aligned with a PCLB grant portfolio’s goals and strategies, an initial telephone call may lead to a meeting and a site visit with a Program Officer.
  • PCLB uses an online application system to manage and administer grants in its spring and fall grant cycles. The Board of Directors meet twice a year – May & November – to review and approve grant awards. Applications are sent out to invited grantees in the months prior to our board meetings.

PCLB is committed to a fair and equitable grantee selection process focused on high-quality organizations with proven capacity and capability to effect real change. Regrettably, with limited grant funding available, there are many important and worthy organizations that PCLB cannot support at this time.