Danbury Area

The PCLB Foundation believes that in order to build a thriving community, resources and services are needed to support the community’s vulnerable populations. In Danbury, Connecticut, the Foundation’s two areas of interest include:

  • Services for Older Adults: We believe the coordination of services and education/advocacy is critical to improving lives of older adults so they may age with dignity in their place of choice. Therefore, we seek organizations that work collaboratively to maximize resources and deliver quality services. Our priority is to fund community organizations that provide evidence-based programs focused on caregiving, healthy aging, homecare, and community engagement. We also support organizations that strive to raise awareness of issues related to older adults and promote opportunities for public/private partnerships to develop innovative, cost-effective models of care.
  • Services for the Homeless: In the area of homelessness, our goal is to deliver basic necessities to the neediest and provide them with the tools necessary to improve their lives. PCLB funds organizations that not only care for the homeless but also leverage community connections to help the homeless find the services they require.