Within the Education Portfolio, PCLB funds three strategies believed to offer the greatest likelihood for success in creating K-12 educational opportunities for all students:

  • Charter Schools: Combining operational freedoms and accountability, charter schools provide the framework in which principals and teachers can create and run successful schools.
  • Advocacy: Thoughtfully crafted public policies enable great public schools to proliferate and thrive. PCLB supports organizations that advocate for effective education policies and practices. In particular, PCLB is interested in ensuring that all schools are funded in a fair and sensible way.
  • People Quality: Great principals and teachers are essential factors to student success. PCLB supports programs that recruit, prepare, and retain high-quality school staff. In an example of this work, PCLB funded the launch of TEACH Connecticut to provide resources to anyone considering teaching in Connecticut and to build the strongest-possible educator workforce.

In addition to these areas of focus, PCLB continues to seek additional strategies that will increase the pace at which we improve public education for all kids.