Science & Scouts

The PCLB Foundation believes high-quality, out-of-school-time (OST) programs expand youths’ horizons and increase their sense of possibility through exposure to new experiences, ideas, and opportunities. Therefore, PCLB makes grants to:

  • Science Programs: OST science programs inspire lifelong involvement in science and motivate youth to be more engaged in their formal education. Many of the programs PCLB supports are in science museums that provide high-quality, exciting, and hands-on learning for children and create a pipeline of opportunities that will help them build real-life skills. Our goal is to provide youth with the opportunity to experience and engage with these programs through the collaboration of science museums, community partners, and formal education.
  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts: The outdoor experiences offered by the Scouts help to build physical fitness, independence, confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills, as well as a healthy respect for nature. PCLB’s grants promote innovative outdoor programs that heighten interest in scouting and help retain Scouts over time.