Selected Projects

The Selected Projects Portfolio was created to fund programs that are a tribute and legacy to family members. The following are the selected projects:

  • Museum Casa Piñero: This Museum is the home of Puerto Rico’s first native governor, Jesus T. Pinero, who had deep historical ties to the island of Puerto Rico and fostered the island’s relationship with mainland U.S.A. The Board President of PCLB is a grandson of Governor Pinero. Universidad del Este, location of the Jesus T. Pinero Library, administers grant funds for the oversight of the Museum Casa Piñero.
  • Clínica Carmem Lucia: The Clinic was opened in 2009 at the request of Carmen Lucia Buck, who dreamed of building a model health clinic in her hometown of Vila Velha, Brazil. Today, the Clinic provides over 5,000 medical, dental, and psychological consultations a year to those with the greatest needs in the surrounding communities.
  • ABRAS: This unique Brazilian nonprofit was created to bring together the family of Carmen Lucia Buck to make grants in Brazil. ABRAS makes grants to charities in communities where family members live in Brazil.