Selected Projects

The PCLB Foundation believes in supporting special projects that have deep meaning and direct connection to the founding family. Those presently on the list of special project grants include:

  • Casa Piñero: Casa Piñero was the home of Puerto Rico’s first native governor, who was the grandfather of the Foundation’s current president. PCLB supports the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture to maintain the Casa Piñero Museum.
  • Clínica Carmem Lucia: The Clinica Carmem Lucia was created in 2009 at the behest of Carmen Lucia Buck, who dreamed of building a model health clinic in her hometown of Vila Velha, Brazil. Today, the clinic provides over 5,000 medical, dental, and psychological consultations a year to those with the greatest needs.
  • ABRAS: ABRAS is a Brazilian nonprofit established by Carmen Buck’s family. PCLB supports ABRAS in making grants to other charities in the Vila Velha region.