Land Conservation
PCLB believes that the conservation of open space and farmland benefits people’s physical and mental health, food security, and orderly community growth patterns. For this reason, PCLB makes grants to land conservation organizations that preserve open space and promote smart growth in New York’s Hudson Valley region, and to a more limited extent in Connecticut. PCLB supports organizations that have considerable expertise and capacity; work collaboratively with partners to preserve, connect, and manage open space and productive farmland; practice smart approaches to community development; and help build a stronger land conservation community through advocacy and training.

Building Enduring Land Trusts
PCLB recognizes the challenges that land conservation organizations face to compete for available funding and sustainably manage protected land in perpetuity. It therefore offers an opportunity to those land trusts willing to merge with others to form effective, enduring partnerships in Connecticut and New York. Support is offered to advance an active merger process by covering costs such as consultants, legal fees, accounting, publicity, and other costs associated with completing a merger. Multi-year general operating support is possible once a merger has been completed.

Camping helps build physical fitness, independence, confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills, as well as a healthy respect for nature in youth. PCLB provides grants that allow more young people to attend summer residence camps and enjoy traditional camp experiences.