Reporting FAQs

When is my report(s) due?
Once an award is made, typically, PCLB will ask grantees to submit a narrative report. Generally, for a 12-month grant, this narrative report will be due about 9 months into the grant term. For multi-year grants, a narrative report will be submitted annually.

In addition to a narrative report, you may also be required to submit performance measurements, due 9-12 months into the grant term. For multi-year grants, performance measurements will be submitted annually.

See the Reporting Timeline for a general sense of when your report might be due. For specific reporting details and deadlines related to your grant award, please review the associated grant agreement.

Narrative Reporting Timeline:

Fall Grants Winter Grants Spring Grants
1st Reminder and Report Goes Live Beginning of July Beginning of November Beginning of January
2nd Reminder Beginning of August End of November Beginning of February
Deadline to Submit Last Friday of August Third Friday of December First Friday of March
Review Period September – October January – February March – April

If there are questions concerning the contents of your report, the PCLB Program staff will reach out during the review period.

Why am I submitting a narrative report before the grant period is over?
We are aware that when we ask grantees to submit a narrative report, often the grant period has not yet concluded. We intend for our narrative report to capture progress that has been made to date on the funded work – and to help us understand that progress before decisions are made regarding renewed funding. These narrative reports complement the ongoing communications and meetings that PCLB has with grantee organizations to understand progress of work

Report links go live, and email notifications go out about 2 months before deadlines. We welcome grantees to submit their reports any time from the moment report links go live, through to the deadline. You do not have to wait until the deadline.

Can I get a preview of the report that PCLB will ask me to submit?
Yes, here is a copy of our standard narrative report. Note that the read-only field on the form is pre-populated and individualized to the grantee based on what they previously wrote on the awarded application about measures of success and desired outcomes.

In addition to the standard narrative report, you may have performance measurements on which to report. For specific reporting requirements and deadlines related to your grant award, please review the associated grant agreement.

What are performance measurements?
Performance measurements are data points (concerning outputs and/or outcomes) that are common to a set of work/organizations that PCLB supports and are trackable across time. Our Program Officers work in conjunction with potential grantees/grantees to develop the performance measurements to ensure that the data points are sensible, collectable, and not overly burdensome. Performance measurements serve as another avenue to help us understand the progress of work and a basis for conversation in ongoing communications.

At the time of proposal development, your Program Officer will share with you whether performance measurements may be needed for the work. If performance measurements are expected as part of your grant award, then it will be detailed in the grant agreement and a template will be included too.

Where do I go to submit my report and/or performance measurements?
Unless otherwise instructed, reports and performance measurements are submitted through our grants portal. Bookmark the following link for future access: Report links go live and email notifications go out about 2 months before deadlines.

I am a charter school grantee, and I have been asked to report on academic and non-academic performance measurements for my school(s). Where do I go to report that information?
This data is entered and submitted at Bookmark this link for future access. Ahead of reporting, PCLB will notify you via email with the login credentials and instructions on which forms you are required to complete.

I noticed that your application and report deadlines are the same. Would it be possible to get an extension on either item?
If you need an extension, please inquire about it with your program contact at PCLB.